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We love working with families, teachers, school leaders, and organizations in meeting the early childhood care and development needs of children.


Child Champion

Child Champion Consulting is a team of early childhood and child development professionals, education leaders, parents, and researchers who are on a mission of championing children through various forms of support and services. 


We share a common goal of building a society where children are safe, secure, and supported. ​​



Consultations and 



It takes a village to champion children. You don't have to do it alone. Whether you are an individual looking for expert advice on how to meet the early learning & development needs of children under your care, or an organization seeking for strategic and operational solutions in managing your school or child care center, we can help you address your concerns.


We have dynamic and engaging workshops on topics related to early childhood education, child care and development, parenting strategies, school administration and management, leadership, etc. Our programs aim to cultivate a lifelong learning culture among the adults & organizations that work with young children.


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