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5 Practical Life Activities Your Child Can Do at Home While the Classes are Suspended

Do you notice how your children are always curious to learn about the things you do at home like cooking, sweeping and mopping, gardening, etc.? They even volunteer (or insist) to help in some of your household chores. This natural interest of children to do activities of daily life is something we should capitalize on so as to make their time at home productive and purposeful.

We collected some of our favorite practical life activities that your children can do at home while the classes are suspended. Here they are:

1. Preparing meals

Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are many things your children can do to help you prepare your meals. They can set the table, wash vegetables, peel off fruits, mix ingredients, or help wash the dishes after you eat.

2. Planting seeds

Children love planting seeds and they could learn a great deal of information just by observing the plants grow and develop each day. It is also a perfect opportunity to teach them where food comes from, appreciate the value of the food we serve on the table, and enjoy the harvest later on.

3. Watering the plants

Teaching our children to care for plants is an essential life skill and one way to do this is by letting them water the plants in our own home. Here’s a helpful guide on how to water plants properly.

4. Folding clothes

If folding laundry is not your favorite household chore, it's probably time to call for some backups. How about you make it a fun bonding moment with your children by turning them into “folding helpers”? For starters, you can teach them to group the laundry first according to type, size, or color. For folding, you may start with small items such as face towels, socks, and then as they develop the folding skills, they may work on bigger items such as pillowcases, shorts, shirts, etc. You can sing songs or play music while doing the task together to make it more enjoyable. Learning to fold clothes requires good hand-eye coordination which is a prerequisite to reading and writing. Here’s a good hack on how to fold clothes easily.

5. Hand washing

Proper handwashing should always be a part of our personal hygiene. As simple as washing hands can save our lives and those around us especially in this particular season where COVID-19 is fast spreading. Here’s how it should be done according to the World Health Organization:

Benefits of Practical Life Activities

Involving our children to take responsibility in the home can help them develop essential skills and character that they can use as members of our society. Practical Life Activities are particularly beneficial in developing our children’s intellect and concentration which in turn, will also help them develop an orderly way of thinking.

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