Sustainability: The New Language of Education

As you are well-aware of, we are currently facing a global pandemic which highlights the many global issues that we have been facing such as healthcare system, poverty, food security, climate change, and the closest to our hearts – access to education. With the closure of schools, learning has been disrupted and access to education has become a much bigger problem than it already is.

As teachers or as parents, how can we respond to these challenges?

What can we do to prepare ourselves and our students to become adaptive and resilient to the changes that are happening around us and even to the unknown future?

Watch this FREE Webinar to learn about the principle of sustainability and how we can apply it both in our profession and personal lives. This Webinar has been produced in partnership with Abiva Publishing House, Inc.

At the end of this webinar, we will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of sustainability and its relevance in ensuring the continuity of education amidst the pandemic;

  • Embrace our role as educators in facing the “new normal” by having a sustainable mindset; and

  • Identify and apply different strategies and resources that we can use in teaching sustainability in our respective classrooms.


Join the conversation here: Sustainability Champions

Click the file below for the copy of the Webinar handout:

Sustainability The New Language of Educa
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